10 Essential Christmas Decorations to Make Your Home Merry and Bright

10 Essential Christmas Decorations to Make Your Home Merry and Bright

Why do we decorate for Christmas a month or more in advance? To enjoy the holiday cheer! When your home feels merry and bright, every day is a little more joyful in anticipation of your favorite holiday of the year. When you decorate early, the entire family can feel that mood-lifting effect whenever they walk through the house.

Of course, you don't just want to throw up decorations and hope for the best. A savvy home decorator knows how to make her home feel merry and bright all season long. With plenty of room to work with, you can weave Christmas cheer into every corner of your home. Let's dive into the ten essential Christmas decorations to make your home feel bright, welcoming, and joyful no matter what room you are in.

A red and gold decorated Christmas tree

1. A Brightly Decorated Christmas Tree

Always start with your Christmas tree. The tree is the centerpiece of your entire home holiday decorating design. The theme of your tree should define the way you decorate the rest of your home. 

Of course, a Christmas tree looks best when it is fully decorated with all the traditional trimmings. Your tree should have a festive tree skirt hiding the stand, branches dripping with ornaments, with winding garland and lights, and finally, a beautiful tree topper gracing the point of your tree. Just remember to start every tree by winding your lights through the boughs before hanging the ornaments. This way, the entire tree will brighten the room.

2. Family Stockings Hung with Care

There is something incredibly cozy and wonderful about seeing the family stockings hanging from the mantle. Whether you have young children or celebrate a Christmas with adult relatives and friends, stockings signify that everyone will have something special to enjoy on Christmas morning. Stockings can be stuffed slowly over time or surprise-stuffed with candies, nuts, and toys after most of the house goes to bed.

Want to add a bit of personalization to your decor? Paint or embroider the names of family members on their stockings. 

3. String Lights Indoors and Outdoors

If you want to bring cheer to your home, string up the lights! Colorful lights make your home look like a candy-studded gingerbread house. Glimmering silver lights remind one of icicles and morning frost. Warm yellowed lights are reminiscent of the glow of candles. String your lights both indoors and outdoors. Throw light nets over your bushes and drape lights over your mantle and doorways. 

Christmas village with a ski lift

4. Glowing Miniature Christmas Villages

Is there anything more heartwarming and adorable than a miniature Christmas village? Initially designed to adorn toy train tracks, these beautiful villages have become a hallmark of Christmas cheer. The fake snow-dappled shops and expressive little characters bring the Christmas season to life. Choose the style of the village you like best, whether that's Dickensian vistas or even cartoon villages.

Many of these villages and little village buildings have a small electric connector, allowing the windows to glow with warm and welcoming charm.

Christmas wreaths on a home's front doors

5. The Christmas Wreath

For many families, the wreath is an important and cheerful tradition. If you want to make your home merry and bright, greet everyone with the festivity of a beautiful holiday wreath. You can use a traditional wreath design each year or pick a new theme to make a beautiful custom wreath. You can buy pre-made and pre-decorated wreaths or create a new tradition and craft your wreath from boughs each holiday season.

6. Nutcrackers and Santas

Christmas characters feature heavily in our idea of a bright and cheerful holiday.  There's nothing like seeing your favorite figures join you for the holiday season. Nutcrackers are among the most elegant Christmas sculptures and remind us of beautiful ballets and classic stories about the holiday. Many families love to see a mischievous Santa peeking from behind the poinsettias or delivering toys to the mantlepiece art.

7. A Sculpture Nativity Scene

If your family sets a Nativity scene, this can be a warm and touching family tradition. Laying out the stable, the manger, the holy family, and the procession of wise men is a beloved part of the Christmas tradition. For many, it is the real emotional sign that the celebration has begun. Some families get one or two new figures a year, including shepherds, children, cows, sheep, and oxen. Don't be afraid to replace any pieces that break or are lost. A Nativity scene is a growing and continuous tradition.

8. Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a beautiful winter season plant where the leaves recolor to become flowers. They are a wonderful tradition and a great excuse to fill your home with oxygen-enriching houseplants in the middle of winter. Many families love the look of poinsettias, and many churches use poinsettia sales as a fundraiser for Christmas charity projects.

Buying and setting out poinsettias is a beautiful way to make your home feel merry and bright.

9. Candles and Holiday Figurines

Decorate the surfaces around your home with candles and cheerful holiday figurines. The charm of a flickering candle flame is always welcoming during the holiday season. Candles have been making homes feel merry and bright since long before electric lights were invented. Figurines change the theme of your entire home by decorating each surface with its own little scene or character to represent the season.

10. Extra Large Ribbons

Garlands and ribbons are your final touch to make your home truly feel like Christmas. Wind garland around your stairway banister. Wind oversized red and gold ribbons around tables, chairs, couches, and curtain rods. Draped ribbons hang beautifully to the ground, while tied ribbons can deck your home in festive oversized bows. Not to mention, there's nothing like a very large ribbon to get everyone thinking about gifts.

Essential Christmas Holiday Decorations Year Round!

Are you looking to make your home merry and bright for the entire holiday season? These essential decorations are sure to brighten your home and make the whole space feel more cheerful in the deepest part of winter. Visit us or shop online to explore our full selection of Christmas decorations, trees, and accessories.


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