12 Ways to Use Christmas Decor All Year: Holiday Decorations are Appropriate for All Seasons

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Have you ever found yourself asking: “How can I reuse my Christmas decorations at other times of the year?” All seasons Christmas decorations are a concept that can be both fun and a great way to reuse your beloved holiday decor. Nothing should prevent us from enjoying holiday lights and ornaments on summer nights - or from featuring a favorite Christmas ornament in our living room throughout the year. 

While you might not want Santas and snowmen sitting around the house in summer, there are still subtle, tasteful ways you can use your Christmas decor after the holiday season.

More and more people are leaving Christmas lights and decorations up until summer. Or sometimes they leave them out all year, disguising and repurposing ornaments and materials for seasonal displays. 

You've heard of the twelve days of Christmas, right? Well, here are a dozen creative suggestions for using Christmas decorations to enhance your home for any season. 

1. Use Your Silver or Gold Christmas Decorations in Any Season

  • Shiny and textured metal ornaments come in a variety of shapes and are a versatile way to incorporate your Christmas decorations all year round. 
  • Metallics are both timeless and elegant. They can be incorporated into most color schemes and are appropriate for all seasons. Just remember a little goes a long way and metallics are best used as accents. Don't overdo it and your displays will look great. 

Tiffany holiday theme Christmas tree decoration

2. Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme

  • For a color scheme that works year-round, pack away the traditional reds and greens and opt instead for a monochromatic scheme that relies on one color.
  • Regardless of the color you choose, use tones, shades, and tints of that color to keep your space from becoming monotonous. 
  • Use ribbon and ornaments to add accent colors to liven up your monochromatic decor without being too over the top!
  • Incorporate textures and prints into your color scheme with ornaments or other Christmas decor. By doing so, you’ll add interest and vary how light is reflected within a room. 

3. Display Christmas Lights All Year

  • White lights are always a good choice for indoor accents or porch and patio displays throughout the year and you can create a magical effect.
  • Colored lights can offer whimsy and interest too if used appropriately. 
  • From pumpkin luminaries to illuminated wall art, string LED lights can do more than just lighting a Christmas tree. Plus LEDs are energy efficient meaning you can display them year-round, at little cost.
  • Rope lights are another versatile option, and colors you may have used in your Christmas decor like red, white, or blue can be used for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. 

4. Add Warmth With Cozy Winter Decorations

  • The months after Christmas are cold—but that doesn’t mean your decor has to be! Adding cozy decorations that remind you of the warm holiday season can lift your mood and is a great way to extend the life of your Christmas decor.
  • Simple paper snowflakes suspended on thin, decorative cords work well in front of a large window or hanging beautifully from your ceiling.
  • Place crystal snowflakes in a grouping among white or silver home decor to reflect the light and create a warm shimmery ambiance.
  • A grouping of crystal and silver Christmas trees look stunning on a dining room table during an evening get-together.
  • Use crystal finials suspended in windows to create unique snow and ice arrangements that are guaranteed to impress guests.

5. Transform Christmas Wreaths With a Bow Change

  • Cheerful green wreaths can go through the winter with bow changes for holidays such as Valentine's Day and Saint Patrick's Day.
  • Wreaths featuring berries or other neutral themes can stay on the door all year.
  • Grapevine and other neutral-style wreaths are appropriate regardless of the time of year.
  • Add a wintery touch with garland draped across your mantel or trailing down a staircase.

6. Spotlight Favorite Ornaments

  • Who says beautiful Christmas ornaments have to hide in the closet all year? Instead, suspend them like museum pieces in front of a window or from your ceiling to enjoy and share with guests. Picking a conversation-starting piece can awe your guests and remind you of the joyful holiday season. 
  • And should you need to know where to buy Christmas decorations year-round, it will come as no surprise that we have you covered

7. Use Table Top Candles Throughout All Seasons

  • Candles are a versatile decoration that can bring warmth and elegance any time of year. Use tabletop candles in your bathroom, or add them to your mantle, countertops, or dinner table to enhance your home’s ambiance.
  • Different colors and shapes of candles can be rearranged or placed in different holders according to the seasons to keep the decor fresh.
  • Green and white Christmas candles can be placed around plants to create a beautiful display.
  • For a holiday like Valentine’s, red and white candles create a romantic ambiance.

Holiday village villages on an island

8. Display Your Christmas Collectibles in New Ways

  • If you’re anything like us, you love your special Christmas collectibles! From villages to beautiful carefully crafted figurines, these gorgeous decorations can shine any time of the year.
  • Assess the Collectables you have—many collectibles are winter-themed rather than Christmas-themed, and can be displayed before and after the holiday so you can enjoy them longer.
  • Villages or dolls that don't have Santas, reindeers, or Christmas trees can be displayed on tables or in display cabinets such as our ballerinas, Marie Antionette dolls, or other dolls!

9. Repurpose Pine Cone Accents

  • A bowl of pine cones on a table—real or artificial—adds rustic charm.
  • Spray your pine cones with glitter and hang them from mirrors or windows to create pretty accents reminiscent of nature.
  • While pine cones are especially lovely in autumn and winter, they also make excellent accents in summer and create a cozy feeling that reminds you of the holidays.
  • Artificial flowers and foliage, designed for the holidays, can often work well with displays for other seasons.

10. Use Your Ornaments Outdoors to Create Enchanting Displays

  • Christmas ornaments aren't just for indoors. Glass or shatterproof ornaments can be used outdoors in your garden or patio.
  • Glass ornaments lend an air of enchantment when hung from tree branches or other structures. When the sunlight light hits them in just the right way, the different colors reflect beautifully on a garden or patio.
  • Try suspending your ornaments from a short shepherd's hook to make your flower gardens look like fairy haunts.

11. Keep Your Christmas Tree Up and Change it Seasonally

  • Decorating a Christmas tree for all seasons is a fun, creative way to engage the whole family. 
  • The ideas for this are limitless. Use specially purchased items, family-made decor, or whatever suits your taste and interests. Looking for inspiration? Check out these ideas for decorating your Christmas tree year-round.

12. Always Think Outside the Ornament Box

  • There are countless places and ways to use Christmas ornaments as accents.
  • Some ornaments make perfect sun-catchers hanging in windows, or hanging them above houseplants to create a dreamlike garden effect.
  • Get creative! Using old Christmas decor as materials for your next DIY adventure is another great way to make the most of your seasonal decor.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun with Your All Seasons Decor!

Decking the halls for any occasion is more fun than stashing beautiful items away in boxes. Don't limit yourself to the suggestions we put forth. Have fun. Dream up as many attractive ways as possible to re-purpose or display ornaments and other Christmas decor items in any season.

Why not start today to find ways to enjoy your favorite Christmas decor for more than the month of December? Dig through your own stash of decorations or browse our selection of Christmas decor choices.


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