Christmas Trends 2021: Holiday Decorating for Your July Celebration

Christmas Trends 2021: Holiday Decorating for Your July Celebration

Halfway through the year, we could all use a reason to celebrate. Christmas in July is a favorite way to bring some of that holiday cheer to the warmest time of the year. Many families use Christmas in July as an excuse to gather and celebrate with food, and exchange a few gifts. But how exactly are you supposed to decorate for Christmas in July? Should you embrace a full-powered Christmas theme with shining red and green? Or dive into the summer theme with palm trees and drink umbrellas? While we all enjoy the sight of flamingos pulling a sleigh, the way to make each year's celebration unique is to try a new decorating trend every year.

Christmas 2021 trends are full of fun and personality, pulling inspiration from this year’s interior design styles along with holiday themes to help you blend old and new decorations.

Natural Summer Christmas

Naturally lit Christmas tree in living room

Natural tones and materials are currently hot interior design trends. Rattan chairs and woven accents create a warm, welcoming feeling. Natural decorations also help to create that comfortable basking in the warmth of summer feeling that makes your Christmas in July celebration feel truly blended.

Use ornaments made of woven grass and create wreaths of dry flowers and branches. Wrap a woven net around your summer-decorated tree base. Hang hammocks and wrap presents in recycled paper or natural fabrics. The Boho vibe is strong, trending both toward the country cottage style of natural decor and the woven style of islander decor.

Nutcrackers and Wood

Nutcracker themed Christmas decor

Want an elegant Christmas in July theme? Try a warm nutcracker and natural wood motif for your summer holiday decorations. Nutcrackers are a festive and often unexpected way to celebrate that special holiday cheer that now comes twice a year. Nutcrackers are great when accompanied by other handcrafted or finely finished wood items. They are also the perfect companion for chocolates, fruits, and of course nuts when it comes to decor and gift bags.

For a complete nutcracker theme, find nutcrackers of all sizes. Functional dolls designed to crack nuts, tiny decorative nutcracker dolls, and towering life-size nutcrackers are all in the holiday spirit.

A Palette of Rich Gray

Gray is, ironically, the hot color of 2021. Interior designs are going bold with gray, using multiple hues, shades, and tones to create rooms with a feeling of depth and personality while still walking the line of neutral design. Gray can be rich and warm or cool and shady. It can pop out of the frame or settle into the background.

gray christmas

If you want to try your hand at trendy yet challenging decoration, try a gray Christmas in July design. Use rick gray ribbons and the beautiful brushed silver ornaments that shine gray on the tree. Pair your gray with the color of it's undertones for a richer palette that really makes your gray-theme pop.

Colorful Gifts Galore

You don't have to go formal to stay trendy. Christmas in July is the ideal time for a vivid holiday color display. One of the best to date is the candy-colored Christmas presents. For many families, another opportunity to swap gifts is a big part of Christmas in July. So go all-out and bring that gift-giving cheer to the forefront. Make gifts your theme. There are some truly beautiful and playful gift decorations ranging from tiny tree gift ornaments to oversized colorful packages to make a part of the decor.

Use the candy-colored rainbow as your guide. Tie everything in ribbons. Decorate in brightly colored cubes. Recycle all sorts of boxes with bright foil paper. You can even find gift ornaments to hang from your wreath or wrap your shrubs in lights that look like ribbons.

Playful Summer Elves

Do you adore elf decorations and playful elf statues? Elves are the perfect embodiment of the playful Christmas in July spirit. Hiding and playing tag in your garden, or getting into mischief around the tree, Christmas elves are eternal children who never lose their joy in this magical holiday. Who knows what those little elves get up to in the summer? Some might say they're hard at work for next year's holiday, but even Christmas elves deserve a summer break.

Make this year's Christmas in July theme about innocent mischief and fun. Decorate with elves hiding, playing, and moving in the night. Give everything throughout your home a child-like hand-made touch. This decorating style can be especially fun for parents (and grandparents) with special help making little handprints and crafting adorable gifts.

Red, White, and Blue Christmas

4th of July Independence Day Patriotic Christmas tree

Of course, not everyone is done with fireworks and patriotic celebrations when the end of July rolls around. If your family is an enthusiastic bunch with extra fireworks and bursting with extra energy, make this year's theme an even more exciting take-two of your Independence Day celebration. Christmas decor is more than capable of covering your home and your tree in red, white, and blue. 

But give it a special Christmas twist. Your starbursts of white aren't just fireworks, they're snowflake ornaments. The red and blue blend together in rich hues of Christmas spirit and winters remembered. Use icier tones for white and blue and then warm it up with bursts of red. Decorate your outdoor spaces for relaxing and snacking, then invite your family to set off the last of their fireworks in a great patriotic and Christmasy display of holiday cheer. 

Get ready for Christmas 2021, whether you plan to celebrate during July or later this year, we are here to help make the celebration one to remember. Explore our broad selection of holiday decorations from trees and ornaments to life-size sculptures and outdoor displays.

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