Your Holiday Decorating Schedule Guide: Seasonal Decor 101

Your Holiday Decorating Schedule Guide: Seasonal Decor 101

When you love decorating for the holidays, knowing when to put up the decorations is critical to enjoying the season to the max and making the most of gorgeous seasonal home décor. Take a look at our guide to learn more about when to make those vital transitions around each important holiday. 

When to Decorate for Each Holiday

As a general rule of thumb, you should put up your holiday décor or change out your seasonal decorations with enough time to enjoy them before the next holiday begins, but not leave them up for so long that they become tired and overdone. However, there are some general rules of thumb that can help you decide when to make those transitions.

Fall and Halloween Décor

If you love the autumn season, you might have found yourself asking “is it too early to decorate for fall?” As tempting as it may be, it’s best to wait until the first signs of the changing seasons: cooler days and nights, a hint of color in the trees, and a breeze in the air. 

When you put out your fall decor may depend on when the seasons start to change, since you want your fall decor to be in sync with the weather outside. However, in general, fall decor can go out in September or October. As the weather gets colder and you get closer to Halloween, you may want to put out spookier decorations.

Keep in mind that pumpkins may not have an extensive shelf life once carved, so if you're planning to include them in your outdoor decor, make sure you preserve them properly (or put them out a little later than your other decorations). 


The Christmas season rings in weeks of joy and cheer, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to decorate as early as possible! If you want to enjoy your fall decorations while making the most of the Christmas decorating season, you can start putting out your decor in mid November. Many people have a tradition of putting their Christmas decorations up immediately after Thanksgiving: stringing up the lights inside and out, putting up the tree (or trees!), and making sure that the Christmas village is perfectly arranged for the holidays.

Holiday decorating schedule for Christmas

Valentine's Day

As the first major holiday after Christmas, Valentine's Day, marks a critical time to transition your décor and start looking forward toward spring. In general, you should aim to put out your Valentine's décor around the last week in January or the first week in February. From happy dancing elves to gorgeous jeweled flowers, your Valentine's Day decorations can create a romantic setting or help you to design a cheery and fun atmosphere for your loved ones.

Seasonal Valentines Decor

Easter and Spring Décor

When should you decorate for Easter? Many of your Easter decorations may go along with your basic spring décor. Put out your Easter decorations around 3-4 weeks before the Easter holiday—or start putting them out with the rest of your spring decorations. In general, March is a great time to start putting out spring decorations in general, since it's starting to warm up outside and you may want to start focusing on brighter colors and new beginnings. 

Changing Your Décor with the Seasons

Now that you know your holiday decorating schedule, you might be wondering what decorations for each month you can change to ring in each new season. In general there are several classic items you may want to change out, including:

Seasonal Throw Pillows

Inside and out, throw pillows can help set the stage for an upcoming holiday or season. By altering a few throw pillows, you can completely change the look and feel of a room, which may help you get in the holiday spirit  or help transition to a new season of the year with ease.

Garlands and Wreaths

Garlands and swags can hang from your mantle indoors, in your doorways, and around the outside of your home, setting you up for a magical holiday season. There are garlands available for every taste, from stunning greenery to gorgeous flowers that will help bring in the holiday cheer.

Flowers and Plants

Whether you're putting out poinsettias—real or artificial—for Christmas or decorating with tulips for Easter and spring, flowers and plants can help change the entire tone of your home inside and out. Putting out plants and flowers can help create the tone you want for the holidays or for the season. 

Oversized Decor

Oversized Decor is an excellent way to create a unique look for your home with each season. Whether you want to put out a candy fairy for the Christmas holidays or an Easter bunny for the Easter holiday, life-size décor can help you create a unique, colorful display that will transform your yard or home. 

Standard Items to Keep for All Seasons

If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, prepare your home ahead of time for that décor by choosing some items that you can keep out for the entire year. Take your holiday decorating schedule and plans into consideration as you look at furniture and other items. For example:

  • Select neutral-colored furniture, including items in cream or gray, to help you coordinate with the throw pillows and blankets you may want to add to your holiday décor.
  • Use wood and wicker, which are always in season and will look great inside or outside your home regardless of the time of year. 
  • Consider your holiday decorating plans when positioning furniture and other items throughout your home, since you'll want to leave room for the stunning décor you love.

Decorating for the holidays or with the changing seasons is a great way to add personality to your home. By knowing when to decorate for each holiday, whether it is too early to decorate for fall or when you can acceptably take out your favorite spring decorations, you can ensure that all your holiday decorations are out at the right time so that you can enjoy the holiday spirit for as long as possible.

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