Year-Round Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas - A Tree for Every Month!

Year-Round Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas - A Tree for Every Month!

For many people, decorating the tree is the best part of Christmas. We count down to the day the tree goes up and then tackle the delightful process of placing every ornament and string of tinsel. You can decorate your tree with ribbons, light it with electric candles, and coordinate your hanging decorations so your tree looks absolutely perfect to shelter the family's wrapped presents until the big day.

Whether you decorate your tree with the whole family or take on this fantastic solo art project each year, that tree is a shining monument to Christmas spirit with all the joy and happiness that went into its decoration. So why take it down?

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean you have to put your awesome artificial tree away. A rising trend in home decor suggests themed holiday trees year-round, with a tree decoration strategy for nearly every month of the year so you can extend the feeling of Christmas to other holidays. You don't have to put the tree away after Christmas, but instead can redecorate it for New Years and beyond! Today we're diving into some amazing year-round tree decorating ideas that you can try at home. 

Blue and white styled Christmas tree

January: New Year's Tree Ideas

Many people leave their Christmas decorations up until after new years and sometimes into January - but you can start changing it up immediately. If you're ready to dive into year-round festivities, redecorate your tree for your New Year's celebration.

Deck your tree out in a palette of blue, white, gold, and/or silver as the popular New Year's colors. Switch out that fluffy flocking for shining tinsel strings to bring that touch of glitz and glam to your tree design. Then decorate with festive party favors that your guests can pick out of the tree and enjoy like surprise tree-bough presents.

Happy New Year tiaras and shiny party hats are a big hit for the New Year's party crowd and you can stock your tree with shimmering noise makers as well to celebrate the countdown with a joyful noise.

February: Valentines Day Tree Ideas

Valentines day trees are a huge hit for anyone whose tree is still standing in February. White and pink trees are a great place to start, but you can lovingly deck out any color of tree for this romantic holiday.

Decorate with handmade hearts and personal mementos of love or hide your beloved's Valentine chocolate supply in beautiful decoration shells they can find and enjoy throughout your celebration. Repurpose your glass ornaments and gold decor to give your Valentine's tree that touch of class as a perfect accent to your candlelight dinner at home.

Leap Day Trees (2024)

Every four years you have the opportunity to decorate a Leap-Day tree. Leap day is the rare February 29th in which the calendar adjusts for the earth's rotation speed to keep things accurate. Embrace the leap with a delightful frog theme. Deck out your tree with lily pads and lily flowers. Find a delightful collection of frog ornaments or nestle little modeled frogs into your branches to celebrate this special day that comes once every four years.

Green and gold decorations

March: St Patrick's Day Tree Ideas

When St Patrick's day rolls around, your home is already decked in green. But it could be even greener. Shamrocks look wonderful hanging from a Christmas tree decked in gold and silver to celebrate everyone's favorite Irish holiday. Green white and orange are Ireland's colors so a green-and-silver tree is perfect with a splash of garland to really make the colors pop.

Then bring out all your favorite St Patrick's decorations. Place a pot of gold next to or under your tree with a decorative rainbow of scarves leading to it - and nestle a few chocolate gold coins into the boughs. If you have leprechauns, place them jauntily in the tree for decoration or humor.

April: Easter Tree Ideas

Everyone loves an Easter tree. In fact, Easter is the second most popular holiday for Christmas tree style decoration as we celebrate the return of Spring. This time, take your tree into the realms of pastel colors and hidden eggs. Bunny decorations are the height of style and adorability in an Easter tree, while plastic easter eggs filled with treats are the perfect ornaments to hang or nestle in the branches.

Earth Day Trees

April is also home to the US Earth Day, a time just to celebrate trees! Earth day is a wonderful opportunity to fill your tree with flowers and blue ornaments. You can even choose living ornaments or representations of plants within ornamental shells. Wrap your tree in a drop garland to represent the earth's oceans. Decorate the base with a garden of smaller plants and nestle a few plants and leaf-sprays into the branches.

May: Cinco de Mayo Tree Ideas

May has three amazing holidays to choose from for your tree decorations. If your family celebrates Cinco de Mayo, then deck your tree out in a rainbow of festive colors. Cinco de Mayo features mainly red, blue, and yellow with green as a secondary accent. Perfect for your tree! Top your tree with a large colorful Sombrero or with a festive pinata star. Deck the tree in Cinco de Mayo banner strings or garlands of red, blue, and yellow. Then nestle smaller pinatas, pinwheels, and party favors onto the branches.

Pink decorations

Mother's Day Trees

Mother's day is an important day for many families. Celebrate the mom in your family with a touching Mother's Day tree design. Pastel pink is the traditional color for Mother's day decorations but you can also choose the favorite color of your resident mom. Then deck the tree with fresh or artificial flowers and special handmade mementos of loving moments shared with the family.

Memorial Day Trees

Memorial day is another important holiday in May. Honor our fallen soldiers with a Red-Blue, Blue-White, or Red-White theme around your tree. Twine ribbons instead of garlands and decorate your tree with stars and other signs of military respect. If there is a fallen soldier in your home, make their picture a centerpiece in the branches and hang family honors around them.

June: Father's Day Trees Ideas

June has surprisingly few holidays for tree decoration - but one very special holiday for many families: Father's Day.

Father's day has always been a fun holiday for things that Dad will like most. Deck your tree with power tool ornaments and gardening tools. Hang fun dad-like hats, steak and grilling ornaments, about the tree or pick an ornament theme that is uniquely suited to your family dad. Blue is the default color for father's day, but you can also deck your tree in the family dad's favorite colors instead.

Fourth of July Christmas tree

July: 4th of July Tree Ideas

Everyone loves Independence day, and your tree can become part of these incredible festivities. Like the New Year's of summer, you can design an amazing summer Christmas tree for our independence and mid-year celebrations.

Naturally, the 4th calls for red, white, or blue garland. Lights are absolutely the right choice, preferably with some explosive style glimmer patterns. You can also wrap your tree in a garland of triangular American flags for that stars-and-stripes feel.

Speaking of stars, silver, red, and blue star ornaments are beautiful on a 4th of July tree. Like New Years, you can also seed your tree with party goodies like fun sunglasses, noisemakers, and even a few sparklers and fireworks for the kids to find and take out back.

August: Back to School Tree Ideas

What kind of Christmas tree can you design in August? This summer Christmas tree design can only be for back-to-school. You can deck out your tree in the local school colors or choose a blue-and-white theme to represent academics. Hang notebooks and decorative writing utensils in the tree and encourage your kids to pick out their favorites for the new school year. You can even nestle a few presents of new school clothes and much-wanted school year technology underneath.

September: Labor Day Tree Ideas

Labor Day celebrates the labor movement and every working person in the country. It honors the hard work people did to build our nation and the social progress we made when labor laws went into place. Seem like an odd Christmas tree theme? Not at all!

As a national holiday, bring back your 4th of July decor with a newer, bluer flair. Emphasize the stars on blue instead of the red stripes for this change of pace. Honor the labor movement with ornaments of trains and work tools of the era, from shovels and pick-axes to typewriters and even bicycles.

Labor day is a great time to celebrate the late 1800s with old-timey styles that hearken back to our hard-working ancestors.

October: Halloween Tree Ideas

Everyone loves a Halloween Christmas Tree, even if they've never seen one before. There is something so inherently festive (and decorative) about Halloween that your options are nearly limitless. Instead of just a black and orange theme, throw in a dash of purple or silver to really make the colors pop. We love the idea of a witch hat topper instead of the star and there are so many options for hanging and nestled ornaments.

Little skulls and skeletons might be your style, or you can deck your tree in cobwebs and hide spider ornaments throughout. You can seed your tree with candy for a little at-home trick-or-treating or go with the witch-theme with broomsticks, black cats, spellbooks, and your favorite electric candles.

November: Thanksgiving Tree Ideas

Thanksgiving is another fantastic holiday for Christmas Tree decoration. While many people are prepping their tree for the Holiday season, you can deck your already standing tree in orange and gold to celebrate the holiday of hunger, friendship, and generosity.

This is the perfect opportunity for a fall-theme tree with artificial autumn-leaf garlands and individual leaf decorations. Not to mention the turkeys. Use turkey-tail designs for fan-decorations in the tree and hang smaller turkey decorations from the boughs. Pilgrim hats and shoes make a great accent addition, along with the food decor like beautiful ears of dried corn and twining sprays of dried foliage.

December: Back to Christmas!

Last and best of all is Christmas all over again. After a year of fantastic individual holiday decor, no doubt you're eager to unpack your favorite Christmas ornaments and order new decorations to surprise and delight your family. Choose a new tree theme this year to mix things up, like a silver tree instead of gold this year or a colorful toy-tree instead of formal candle-lit boughs.

Bring back that wonderful theme of red-and-white on green tree branches with that formal touch of glimmering gold and silver. Nothing takes your breath away or inspires that wonderful Christmas Spirit like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree each year.

If you like to leave your Christmas tree up to remind you of Christmas joy all year 'round, you have some incredible options for year-round decorations! Instead of leaving the tree Christmasy or bare, get creative with holidays for every month of the year! We hope these decoration ideas have uplifted and inspired you to your own unique all-year Christmas tree designs, from warm summer Christmas trees to spooky Halloween trees, we would love to help you bring these designs to life.


This year I decided to by a Vickerman 6’ Mixed Country Alpine Faux Christmas Tree it has twigs and little pine cones on it , and decorate with a Antique Rustic Tin Barn Star, Fairy String Lights, Rustic Plaid Homespun Cotton Star and Heart Farmhouse with Wooden Button ornaments and Primitive Rusty Sleigh Bell Garland, it is wonderful and very farmhouse country like.

Merry Chris my given name from my Mother as I was born on Christmas Day🎄 //

Great ideas I didn’t want to put mine away as it makes me happy to have the colours but how about a football theme I’m thinking AFL Collingwood Black and White Streamers and clip little artificial magpies and photos of players all over the tree ?

Rose //

Love these ideas! I think I will leave mine up this year and try some of these.

De Elliott //

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