Tree Sizing Guide

At The Christmas Palace, we want to help make your festive space magical. One of the most important aspects of choosing the right decor is choosing the appropriate size. To determine if a tree is suitable for your space, consider these factors:

Ceiling Clearance

Ideally, there should be a 6-inch gap between the top of the tree (plus the tree topper, if applicable) and the ceiling.

Floor Space

Aim for about 12 inches of horizontal floor space beyond the tree's width in your designated area.

Tree Varieties

Find a tree in the right shape and style for your environment. We offer a wide range of trees to accommodate various spaces.

Choosing the Appropriate Height

Less than 6 feet

Perfect for tabletops and secondary areas such as kitchens or dens.

6 to 6.5 feet

Ideal for homes with low to average ceiling heights.

7 to 7.5 feet

Suitable for homes with 8 to 9-foot ceiling heights.

8 to 9 feet

Recommended for rooms with 10 to 11-foot ceiling heights.

10 to 12 feet

Designed for large living rooms and spaces with exceptionally high ceilings, including commercial environments.

14+ feet

Intended for churches, malls, office buildings, and other larger public spaces.

Choosing the Right Shape and Style

We offer a diverse range of tree styles to options to style your space both practically and aesthetically. Refer to the summaries below to find your ideal style.


With lush profiles and sturdy branches, these trees fill up a room and provide ample space for ornaments and presents beneath.


Taking up less space than a full shape, these are a good fit for smaller horizontal areas.


Our slender profile is perfect for tight spaces, corners, and foyers.


These space-saving trees are ultra-slim for a sleek, vertically-oriented look.