19" X 25" Green Airplane

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Fly away with me through the clouds on this fun retro airplane planter box display! Reminiscent of a childs riding toy, such as a radio flyer plane, it looks like a toy, but it's really a fun display. Standing tall on metal legs and wheels, this vintage look plane has charm and a nostalgic feel to it. Looking like a tin toy of yesteryear, this beautiful plane will capture your heart and imagination. Boys and girls of all ages will enjoy looking at this wonderful piece of decor. So whether you are, or have, a little Amelia Earhart or Howard Hughes, capture the magic of the golden age of movies, such as "Wings," in this amazing piece of aeronatical memorabilia! This fun plane has a retro science fiction or science fantasy, older technology, and aesthetic design look to it. It looks like it flew out of a historical setting, with its charming antiquated look. With colors of green, dark bronze, red, silver and a slightly aged patina, this airplane replica is a modern take on a classic antique. It has the look of a traveling salesmans sample model from yesteryear. Constructed of all metal components, this little green plane features details such as propellors, wings, horizontal stabilizer tailplane, and spoked wheels. Display this decorative piece in your home, porch, or patio, for a touch of rustic charm. Whether used for Christmas, or part of your everyday decor, this airplane model is a handsome piece of aeronatical memorabilia for flights of fancy. Pilots, and veterans alike will love this beauty of a plane and have a patriotic feeling and heartfelt remembrance of great military Army, Navy and Airforce planes.

19"X25" Green Airplane

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