9" Santa Sitting On Coca-Cola Crates

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Introducing this 9" Fabriché™ Santa Claus decked out in his classic red and white attire but with a festive twist. He is wearing a crisp white button-up shirt with red suspenders paired with his iconic red pants adorned with white fur lining. To complete his festive look, he sports his not so traditional Santa hat featuring a sprig of green mistletoe and a gold bell rather than the classic white fur ball.
In one hand, Santa holds a vintage Coca Cola glass bottle, a timeless symbol of the holiday season. In his other hand, he delicately clutches a small green wreath with a vibrant red bow, adding a touch of charm to his ensemble.
Seated atop stacks of crates overflowing with more Coca Cola bottles, Santa exudes holiday cheer and joy. This jolly figure is the epitome of Christmas spirit, ready to spread happiness and good tidings to all. You can almost hear the sleigh bells jingling as he prepares for his annual journey around the world.

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