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Scentsicles makes any tree smell like a fresh-cut Christmas tree. Whether adding scent to your artificial tree or enhancing the scent of your real tree, Scentsicles is the perfect finishing touch for your Christmas decorating, creating that magical holiday feeling with the real scent of Christmas.

Our Spiced Pine Cones scent begins with the smell of a large mug of spiced apple cider, combining cinnamon, clove, orange zest, all spice, and nutmeg with the finish of pinecones and cedar next to a newly lit fire.

  • Each bottle contains six scented fragrance sticks and six swirl hooks.

  • Hang all six ornaments in your tree to enjoy the full holiday scent of the season.

  • Scent lasts up to 30 days.

  • Scentsicles are made of all-natural, biodegradable, recyclable paper.

  • Festive Christmas scents without spills, leaks or open flames.

Caution Statement: Avoid contact with other ornaments, tables, floors, finished surfaces, and fabric.

USE ONLY AS INSTRUCTED. CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. CAUTION: EYE AND SKIN IRRITANT. If irritation or rash occurs, wash with plenty of soap and water. If symptoms persist, get medical attention. AVOID CONTACT WITH ALL FINISHED SURFACES AND FABRIC.

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